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Original poster promotion from Virginia Commonwealth University’s "Commonwealth Times".

Promotional article, also from the Commonwealth Times - note the venue error.

Photos above by Jeff Crossan, top - soundcheck and underneath - on with the show.


17.11.73 Richmond, VA, middle of ´´Rosalita”
´´There I was, I was eight years (?) Alabama...I´d been hitchhiking around the country for five years....I, I was something else....and just by coincidence I got arrested for loitering....and they put me in the same cell, by sheer was James was, uh, it was amazing, it was, here I was, eight years old, with James Brown (?) to me and he looked me in the face and he said ´Ungh, aah....ain´t it fun ?´ ....and the next time he opened his mouth to say something, it was the funniest thing (?) ....out came....(some James Brown-style music)...then he walked away....just by sheer that very next cell, sitting there with his surfboard was Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys...I said ´Dennis, what are you doing in, that cell with a surf-board ?´...said he was looking for the perfect wave....alright, he came up to me, looked me in the face....and said....(band does ´Fun, fun, fun´)....then he sheer coincidence......with a cop, with a policeman on both sides....(?) they brought in Wilson Pickett....for being, uh, too funky or something, I forget, I forget the exact charge but, uh...he came up to me, he said ´Son (?)....´Mr.Pickett´, said ´If you´re ever in trouble, all you got to do is´ and then he showed me this.....”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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