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Clippings from the "Red Bank Register", Monday October 13, 1975.

Photo, ad and article regarding shows courtesy of Billy Smith.

Photo : S. Balzarini "Camera smuggled inside my bootleg."


Barry Rebo film of the Homecoming show @ 2:17 - 3:05.

11.10.75 Red Bank, NJ, (late show), middle of ´Spirit in the Night´
´´Janey said ´Hey little brother, don´t you think it´s time that we go´.....Uncle Gene !....wait a minute....uncle Gene !....that´s my Uncle Gene, hey Uncle Gene, what´s happening ?....(?) Uncle Gene (?) sister´s out there too....”

11.10.75 Red Bank, NJ, (late show), intro to ´It's Gonna Work Out Fine´
‘‘Here´s a song, how many married, how many of you folks married out there ?...some of youse ?...everybody else, everybody else screwing around and messing around, right ? .... here’s a song...a friend of mine (?) which is funny ‘cause we’ve been playing ....all around the country and uh....we’ve been, I’ve been telling this little story...about, about how I seen this friend of mine a few months ago....was longer than that, I guess it was a few years ago.... came to my house, knocked on the door ....with my know and uh....and he’s coming to sell me some insurance, right, so .....I seen this guy and I recognise him, right, I knew I recognise him, I didn’t know exactly from where, you know, and uh.....I don’t know if he’s here, was funny ‘cause we were in a bar the other night....and Stevie, Stevie drags this guy up, right....and here he is, like I ain’t seen this guy in two years.... ’cause Stevie, like Stevie didn’t know what he looks like and ....he meets this guy, says ‘Hey know, you know Bruce ?’, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, man, I sold some insurance to him’, like I’ve been telling this story around about I seen him, I went to high school with him and uh....he got married, had some kids, settled down.....and a friend of mine got married tonight!! ... matter of fact, one of the guys used to of the guys used to be in Steel Mill, right, that’s, remember that?....well, this guy, the old bass player got married tonight know, so he’s off, he’s off in a honeymoon suite time for the honey-moon suite ....yes it is....bam! oh, don’t you know..... anyway, I’m gonna dedicate this to all the married folks, gonna dedicate this to my sister, her husband Micky and to all you folks that married, you gotta tell me if this was.....Ginny, Ginny, you can tell me if this was the way it was..... when, when he proposed to you and stuff.....”

11.10.75 Red Bank, NJ, (late show), intro to ´The E Street Shuffle´
´´It was late one nasty, terrible was raining, it was snowing, the wind was blowing ....the sun was was a strange, terrible night....and it was and Steve were sitting in this little bar....looking into each other´s face, sitting at the table, right....we´re figuring....figuring what we could do to get a, it was about four years ago, we were trying to figure out what we could do, like, to get some kind of break, you we´re figuring like what´s the matter with us, you know, we´ve got some material, we´ve got some guys that play ok, you know, so we couldn´t figure out why we wasn´t getting like, you know, a break or something, people´d come down, say ´Man, tonight you guys better play good´, we was, we was playing down at the Student Prince, people´d come down and they´d say....say ´Tonight you guys better playing great because the manager from the Byrds is coming down to see youse tonight´ we´d sit there all night....three in the morning, I´d be looking at his face, he´d look at my face, nobody there, it was a night like that that we found ourselves walking home, trying to figure out what it was that we needed, figured we needed like....there´s a missing element, a missing element, so we was walking home.... right ? it was nasty, it was terrible....Steve had his guitar with him....always carries his guitar, right, ever since I known him, ever since I have known him, since the day I met him, he was, I met him, he came walking down the street in Red Bank carrying his guitar....right ?....right, he carries it, he carries (chuckles)(?) he never carries it in a case, you see, he always carries it like just like this....that´s because, because he practises with it all the time, he practises, when I met him, he was practising....he practises (?) he practises, he practises in his car, he´s had ten accidents practising in his car....yeah, practises in the shower, he´s got a special, he´s got a plastic bag he puts over the guitar when he gets in....he does, this is, this is all true, see, people think I´m fooling with you but I´m telling you the truth here, he practises in the shower, he practises, now don´t tell nobody this ´cause he´d be mad, he´d be very mad (?) but he even practises when he´s making love to his girlfriend, sssh, sssh, sssh....she´s always saying, I always hear ´em, I´m, I´m in the next room, ´Steve, cut out that practising !´, she´s always telling him but he don´t listen, he don´t listen at all, he just practises right on (Steve plays riff on his guitar) he even practises during the show....we went to a great adventure and he practised during a safari ride.....we went up on the ferris wheel, he practised up there.... we went on a roller coaster, he practised on there we was, I was walking, he was practising....all of a sudden up came this was an amazing mist, it was a mist like we had never seen before.....we´d never seen, it was a mist that just like the mist that was in The Crawling Eye, remember that ?....that was a nasty mist, right ?....well, here came, all of a sudden.....the mist parted, just like Moses and the Red Sea, like I learned in Catechism class (Steve : ´Right on for Moses´) you know him ? the mist parted and from out of the mist....we couldn´t tell what it was at first.....but from out of the mist, it appeared like.....came the biggest guy we´d ever seen, dressed in a white, now it was four in the morning.... I said ´Steven´, he said (Steve : ´Yeah, Boss ?´)(chuckles)....I said ´Steven....this guy ain´t carrying a club to hit us ?´ (Steve : ´Oh-oh´) and he wielded this immersible weapon....and then the next thing we heard (Clarence plays) Steven, upon hearing that, deserted his leader, the guy that pays his salary, 50 bucks every week, 70 dollars on Christmas....deserted his leader and ran with his guitar...and me, I just got down on the sidewalk, figured I was gonna cover myself up to whatever this was that passed by me in the I got down there ....and I heard these footsteps coming....I heard ´em coming closer....and it came even closer till I seen this big shadow....standing right over tried to like, like act like I didn´t notice, you know....and then I tried to like make some conversation, you know, ´bout the weather or something.....all this cat did was reach out his hand.....and.....I looked up....and when we touched, it was like Sparks fly on E Street....”

11.10.75 Red Bank, NJ, (late show), intro to ´Kitty´s Back´
´´You better be good because.....Kitty´s back....
(....) Steve, here she comes (Steve : ´Here she comes´)....Clarence, here she comes (Clarence: ´Here she comes´) there´s a girl that follows me all around....state to state, town to to country, it´s a scary thing, here she comes.....ssh, can´t make no noise, you gonna make all this noise, she´s gonna see me now,, get down (?) Clarence....if she comes up here, will you tell her that I´m gone, that I got sick and had to go home or something ? alright, sssh, she won´t see me.....(?)....(Clarence: ´Ladies and gentlemen, I hate to announce, Bruce will not be with us tonight due to if you see Kitty, pass it on, Bruce is not here, thank you very much´)....did she go away, Stevie ?... here she comes (Steve : ´Here she comes again´)(?)....”

11.10.75 Red Bank, NJ, (late show), intro to ´Rosalita´
´´Well, now this next song we´re gonna do here is, is, is a....very, very controversial song, you see, it´s like uh, people like, everybody wonders where this song happen, you see, they don´t know where it did, like some people say, some people say that this song must´ve happened over in Rome one night (Roy plays Italian-style music).....other folks say ´No, it didn´t happen in Rome, that must´ve happened in, uh, in the desert, you know, Arabia´, that´s the tough one (Roy plays some sort of Oriental-kind-of music)....and other folks said ´No, it couldn´t happen in Arabia, that must´ve happened, that must´ve happened, it must´ve happened in Paris´ (Roy plays French-style music) other folks said ´No, that couldn´t have happened in Paris, that must´ve happened, uh, that must´ve happened somewhere in deepest, dark Africa (Max pounds the drums) then there´s folks said ´No, man, that couldn´t have happened in Africa, that´s too far away, that must´ve happened in Jersey City (Roy plays a bit of ´The Theme from ´The Godfather´´) but actually, I wanna dispand all this controversy right now....It was in a little cafe on the other side of the border....that´s where it was..... Steven, I wanna tell you....fellas, I wanna tell you....She was sitting there, giving me food that makes my mouth water....”

11.10.75 Red Bank, NJ, (late show), intro to ´Quarter to Three´
‘‘Here’s a this for Tony and Ron who cut my hair today’s a song, what time is it, boys?..... yes.... it’s layman’s term that makes it....about quarter to three.....are you ready for it, boys?.....hands over your hearts....”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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