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"The Promise"

31.05.78 Boston, MA, intro to ´Something in the Night´
´´We got a new album coming out in a couple of days, it´s called Darkness on the Edge of Town....and this is called ´Something in the Night´....”

31.05.78 Boston, MA, intro to ´For You´
´´Thank you....we came to Boston, I guess it was about four, four years ago now, (?) five years ago....and when we first started playing, the place used to be called Oliver´s....then we went to Joe´s Place....this is for all the people, there´re at least 10 or 15 of youse that were there at the time....”

31.05.78 Boston, MA, intro to ´Growin´ Up´
´´There we was me and Miami and the Big Man....we took these girls out to dinner and we took ´em out to movies....and we were trying to get ´em, get ´em to come over my house....but they kept bitching that they didn´t wanna it was about midnight, 1 a.m, I think it was....last July 25th....was that the date ?...and we were riding down this dark road....and all of a sudden, we were doing about 85....and something came shooting past us, this thing came shooting past was like a red....something all striped with red and they past us, the right rear tire blew out and we skidded into the swamps and we all bumped our heads and the girls, they´re all full of mud and they were screaming and yelling at us to take ´em home we looked up, we looked over and in the mud about a hundred yards away....and we saw this thing just sitting there glowing ....sitting in the dark, it sort of looked like....a (?) Big Mac....and uh (?) and we got out of the car and we were walking across, across the field and we got up to it, it was was pretty big and we knocked on the outside....and (?) on the outside it had (?) paint: ´Big Daddy Don Garlitz....Born to lose´ we knocked on it....and this cat stuck his head out....and he said....he was on his way through the solar system and if we could, if we could tell him the way to the....New Jersey Turnpike....he´d gives us each....three wishes, yeah, one wish a piece so that sounded like a pretty good deal....and we thought about it for a long time and.....Steve, what´d you wish for ?....oh, Steve wished for a winner at the track, for just once, Clarence, what´d you wish for ?...oh yeah....I can´t tell you what Clarence wished for....(?) I tell you what, you think, you think that´, I thought ´Million dollars, no.... you think that you could make us stars ?´....and he said ´Oh, no, no, but would you settle for rock and roll ?´....”

31.05.78 Boston, MA, middle of ´Backstreets´
´´Just me and you, baby....forever friends....we swore forever friends....and I remember you standing on the corner in that pretty blue dress....that dress that your baby bought you and your sad and your sad eyes....they´re so lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, had me waiting at the, my bags, they were packed.... you had me waiting at the, my bags were all packed....waiting for you....for you and your sad eyes, how many many times did I hold you in my arms ? baby, won´t you tell me how many times did I see them cry ?, I know how they cry....I know how they cry....they way they cry....and you know, baby, that only me and you....that only me and you know....the way that they lie.....the way that they lie....they tell such pretty li-li-li-li-lies...such pretty li-li-li-li-lies....such pretty li-li-li-li-lies....such pretty li-li-li-li-lies....such pretty´d dress ´em up and baby, you know I´d buy know, baby, you know how I bought them, oh, oh, I....oh, I bought them.... such pretty, pretty,, you know I bought, I wanna know why...I wanna hear you tell me....I wanna know why....I wanna hear you say the words....I wanna know why....I wanna hear you say those words....I wanna know why.... I want you to tell, baby, baby....I wanna know why....(?)....”

31.05.78 Boston, MA, intro to ´Born to Run´
´´I´d like to thank you all for coming down here tonight, thank you very much.....we want you to know that I know a lot of youse like wait in line for a long time to get tickets and I know we cancelled out on you and I wanna, I wanna let you know that it doesn´t go unappreciated that, uh....we appreciate your support over the past three years and....this is for you....”

31.05.78 Boston, MA, intro to ´Quarter to Three´
´´Alright, we haven´t played this one since we´ve been in town and we haven´t played this since the last tour so (?)....”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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