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Milwaukee Journal, June 10, 1978.

09.06.78 Milwaukee, WI, intro to ´Darkness on the Edge of Town´
´´How´s everybody been ? (cheers) no bombs tonight, huh ? (chuckles) this is a new song, this is called ´Darkness on the Edge of Town´....”

09.06.78 Milwaukee, WI, intro to ´For You´
‘‘This next song, this is a song I wrote back.....back in 1971, I was living....on top of this drugstore in Asbury Park....and I was breaking up with this girlfriend of mine and when I was away one weekend, she came....and painted all the....all the walls to my room black ....that’s not true.....she came and she painted ‘em all blue.....”

09.06.78 Milwaukee, WI, middle of ´Growin´Up´
´´There we was....hard as it may seem to believe, was me and the Big Man, had a flat tire, stuck on this dark road in the middle of the night, three o´clock in the morning....we were sitting on the side of the road, figuring out how we were gonna get home....tried hitchhiking but nobody´d pick us up...then all of a sudden out of the sky we saw screaming down, passed us doing about 3 million miles an hour, at least (strange guitar sound) first gear....slammed on the brakes about a mile down the road, came back hovering about ten feet off the ground was this big flying saucer, it said on the side ´Big Daddy Don Garlitz - Born to Win´ we tapped on the outside, a little green guy stook his head out, stuck his head out (chuckles) and said ´Do you guys know the way to the New Jersey Turnpike ?´....we laughed, we thought he was kidding, we said ´ are looking at the New Jersey Turnpike....and the Garden State Parkway too (chuckles)....don´t forget it´ we figured we´d strike a deal with this guy, he says ´Ok, ok, I give you guys, you guys got one wish....just tell me how to get to the Turnpike so I´ll get back to Mars´ so we thought about it for a while, we thought about a million bucks, no (?), thought about new clothes but we already had new clothes, thought about, uh....a new car, no, no, so we said ´We got it, we got it....Mister Spaceman, you think you can set us up ? you think you can set us up to be movie stars ?´ ´No´, he said ´No, forget that, forget that, but would you, but would you settle for rock and roll ?´....”

09.06.78 Milwaukee, WI, middle of ´Backstreets´
´´Just me and you, and you.....well, I remember you standing on the were looking so that pretty blue dress, the one that your baby bought and your sad eyes....your lonely, lonely sad eyes....oh, how they, how they cry....let ´em cry till they´re all cried out....and how many times have I held you in my arms and let ´em cry till they´re all cried out....let ´em cry till they´re all cried....but only me and you know, only me and you know....the way that they lie....don´t we know the way they lie.... they tell such pretty li-li-li-lies, such pretty li-li-li-lies, such pretty li-li-li-lies, such pretty lies could dress ´em up....and you knew I´d buy, you knew I´d buy them, you knew I´d buy ´em, each and every one, yeah, each and every one, each and every one, oh, each and every one, yes, each and every one, oh, each and every one, each and every one, oh, each and every one, you knew I´d buy ´em....I wanna know why....I wanna know....I wanna know....why...(?)....”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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