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Thanks to Jack Bogdanski (left) & Karl Buhler (right) for the magnificent photos.

Review in the Stanford Daily, July 7, 1978.

29.06.78 San Jose, CA, intro to ´´Darkness On The Edge Of Town´´
´´I tell you this is an insane place this place, what are you guys gonna do if you gotta go to bathroom or something?....(?) make a lot of noise (?)....(?)....(?) my mother and father, they live about a half-hour up the road, you know, and....I only, I only came down here once and it was funny because I was telling the guys on my way down here: ´Man, San Jose, I was down there about eight years ago, that´s a mean town´....(?) I remember I pulled into this gas-station around here, I was looking for, I was playing with this band up here in a garage with this bunch of young kids ´cause I was out here on my own, I didn´t have a band or nothing at the time so I was trying to keep practising, look for a job and so I went down and rehearsed with these guys who were like 13 years old and I had a good time, you know (chuckles) I remember I pulled into this gas-station in town, ´What do you want?´ ´I want some gas, you know´....´Get it yourself´ (chuckles)(?)....this is a new song, it´s called ´Darkness On The Edge Of Town´....´´

29.06.78 San Jose, CA, intro to ´´For You´´
´´(?)....everybody thought I was working for a year, I was out sunning....that´s how I got such a good tan, you see....and my mother, I go (?) she says ´You have a good tan´ (?)....(?) she always lures me home (?) ´We got strawberries´....she always gets me (?) this is a song, this is a song that was covered by a fellow out here on Berserkley Records called Greg Kihn.... it´s funny, I was in, I was in New York and this guy came up to me....he looked pretty berserk and he told me that Greg Kihn covered it so I liked it so much I stole the end and this is, uh, greetings from Asbury Park.....´´

29.06.78 San Jose, CA, intro to ´´The Promised Land´´
´´(?)....we´re gonna get to all those songs, we´re gonna do all of ´, this is, uh, this is something from the new album, it´s called ´Promised Land´....´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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