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05.02.81 Kansas City, MO, intro to ´Independence Day´
´´I remember when I got....when I finally got out of that town I grew up in.....I remember I was....I was 18.....and I was sure I was never gonna go back.....I was gonna forget about all the folks that....that I´d grown up with.....and my parents, they moved, moved to California 12 years ago....and for a long time we lived a real long ways away from each other....and that was fine by me.....and for a long time I never missed ´em.....I never missed all the, uh, the arguments or the hassle from my old man.....but it seems someday you gotta go back....and you gotta straighten all that shit out (chuckles).....I don´t know why, it´s like the family, the family never goes away....and I remember it was ten years down the road when I finally sat down with ´em, got a chance to talk to my dad about the things that....trying to figure out just what was the matter with, with the both of us back then.....why it seemed we could never talk to each other or never....never feel like the way....that you think fathers and sons should always gotta go back and straighten that stuff out if you´re 18, maybe you get it straight now, go home and talk to your folks or something (chuckles)....”

05.02.81 Kansas City, MO, middle of ´Rosalita´
´´To the far left of the stage, Professor Roy Bittan....come on, Roy (Roy plays).....on the guitar, Miami Steve Van Zandt....on the bass, Garry W. Tallent....on the drums, the Mighty Max.....on the organ, Phantom Dan Federici....and last but not can I say it ?.... words fail me....just let me say he is king of the world.....master of the universe....emperor of all things....faster than a speeding bullet....more powerful than a roaring to leap tall women, I mean tall buildings in a single it a bird ? it a plane ? what the hell is it ?....Clarence ´Big Man´ Clemons on the saxophone....”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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