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Bruce Springsteen 2/7/1981 Champaign Illinois_00430_s_11abwqxpzx0356
Bruce Springsteen 2/7/1981 Champaign Illinois_00422_s_11abwqxpzx0347
Bruce Springsteen 2/7/1981 Champaign Illinois_00376_s_11abwqxpzx0371
Bruce Springsteen 2/7/1981 Champaign Illinois_00351_s_11abwqxpzx0312
Photographs by Mark Rudolph @ Flickr .

Bruce and the boys at the University of Illinois. The only band worthy of two pages in the 1981 'Ilio' yearbook.

07.02.81 Champaign, Ill., intro to ´Independence Day´
´´I remember, uh....trying to get....trying to get my old man to talk to me when I was.... was a hard thing to do....´cause at that age it seems that your matter what you´re saying don´t seem to take it....seriously....and uh....they got their own ideas about what you should be doing....who you should be....and most of the time those ideas, they come....they come from a good place, they come from....they went through some things and they had some disappointments that they wanna try and.... maybe fix it so you don´t have ´em....but....I remember me and my old man (?) we had nothing but....nothing but arguments back then....and when I finally moved out of the house...I was sure that I was never....never gonna go back there and I´d never miss it again....but when I got older, I found out that I did and I found out that if I couldn´t get ....stuff straight between me and him, that I was never gonna be able to get myself... myself straight and....your family´s a funny thing, they will never go know gotta deal with ´em, sooner the better....”

07.02.81 Champaign, Ill., intro to ´I Wanna Marry You´
´´(?) that was nice (chuckles)....if, if there´s a Tom and Debbie Novak, I believe their names are....I don´t know if you´re out there or not....I think they just got married today (?) at the end of the show, will you come over here to stage right, I´d appreciate right of the stage after the show....I´d like to....I know there´s a lot of you guys out there have seen us on this tour a whole lot more than once....and I know...there´s a lot of folks from Chicago tonight that drove (cheers)....huh ?....what ? yeah ? (?) hey, there she is (?) they just got married today....(?) they´re about ten rows up a special song for you guys....(music starts)....we ain´t played this song in a little while, I gotta get the words (chuckles)....”

07.02.81 Champaign, Ill., intro to ´Stolen Car´
´´I went out to, uh....while we were making the last record, a friend of married and we went out to his wedding...and we were sitting in the temple and the rabbi got up and....he talked about long long as you´re alone....that all the things that you dream....always remain fantasies....and it ain´t till you....make contact with some other person, till you make the kind of commitment to people or to some person....that´s the first step to making them things that you dreamed....a reality... it´s like a song, a song ain´t real, a song doesn´t matter (?) until you take it out and play it for somebody...and people are like that too....some people don´t get a chance to make that connection....or they miss when it comes around....”

07.02.81 Champaign, Ill., middle of ´Rosalita´
´´....last but not least....words fail me at this moment....let me just say...king of the world....master of disaster...emperor of all things....faster than a speeding bullet....more powerful than a roaring to leap tall women, I mean tall buildings in a single bound....lookout girls, he hates to be alone, is it a bird ? (crowd : ´No´) is it a plane ? (crowd : ´No´) then what the hell is it ?....Clarence Clemons on the saxophone ....”

07.02.81 Champaign, Ill., intro to ´Jungleland´
´´Thank you....I wanna thank everybody for coming down to the show tonight, thank you very much....those guys that sent the letters and stuff backstage and I know waited out back and waited in front a long time, just wanna let you know we appreciate it.... and all you guys that drove a long way to get here....from Chicago....I drove a long way too (chuckles)....”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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