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13.02.81 Starkville, Miss., intro to ´Independence Day´
´´When I was...when I was 18, I was so glad to finally get out of the house....I remember I, I moved down about 20 miles away from my hometown, I moved down along the beach ....and I was sure that once, once I had the chance....I was never gonna wanna go back see the people that....I grew up folks moved away to California ....and for a long time....I never missed them, I never missed that place....after I started traveling, I´d come back home....and I´d always end up getting in the car and driving.... driving down through that old town....and I could never figure out, understand what made me always wanna go back there....I remember I´d feel, I´d drive down the streets I grew up on....I´d see all these strangers...and it seems that.... that after a long time I figured, I realised that if I couldn´t...if I wasn´t gonna be able to go back there and deal with that place....and go back to my folks and deal with my .... deal with them....that I was never gonna be able to deal with seems like you always gotta leave home....and then you always gotta go back....just even....even if it´s just to make sure that it ain´t there no more....this is for everybody away from home ..”

13.02.81 Starkville, Miss., intro to ´This Land Is Your Land´
´´This is a song that was written by....Woody Guthrie and....there´s a book out now, it´s called Woody Guthrie - A´s by Joe´s a real good book....and this song, this was....this song has been mis, I think, misinterpreted a lot over the years and it was, uh....was originally an answer to ´God Bless America´ and....the thing about this song is, is it was....this is a, it was a fighting song because you´ve gotta....especially these days you gotta fight to make this true....”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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