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22.02.81 Columbia, SC, intro to ´´Independence Day´´
´´Alright, it´s, it´s gonna, gonna be a long show tonight so you guys ought to sit down....yeah ....(music starts)....I remember when I was growing up....I was....and I was living with my I got older (?) all the things that we, we never said to each´s like when you´re young and you´re living at home, it seems a lot of times the only words you can find to say are fighting words, you know....a part of that´s the way it´s, that´s the way it´s gotta be....and you´re gonna break away....but never get around to saying them other words and....and those are good words....(?)....when I was....when I finally moved out of my house and my folks moved away, they moved to California....I realised that....that when I was....15 or 16 years old (?) that my old man, he was only, he wasn´t much older than I am right now....and we never got around to saying the things that we should´ve said to each other....until a lot of years after that.....but it´s hard to´s hard to tell your father that you love him (?)....´´

22.02.81 Columbia, SC, intro to ´´This Land Is Your Land´´
´´Thank you, this....this song was, uh, written a real long time ago and, uh.....and it seems more important than anything, than it ever was, it was, this was a song, it was written as an answer to ´God Bless America´´s, uh, it was written as a fighting song because when times get tough, people are always looking around....for somebody to blame and it seems like that they always choose a guy (?) was a song that written to fight just all the, all the prejudice and all the hatred that, that gets passed on as patriotism or as nationalism....and it was just a song, I think it was meant to say that, that, that the country you live in belongs to each and every one of us but you gotta, you gotta make that true....(?)....´´

22.02.81 Columbia, SC, intro to ´´Wreck on the Highway´´
´´Sometimes....something, something happens in your life that makes you.....stand back and take a look at what you´ve got.....´´

22.02.81 Columbia, SC, middle of ´´Rosalita´´
´´We have with us the far left of the stage....(?) Albert Einstein....the only member of the band with a full high school diploma, let´s hear it for education and Professor Roy it, Roy....on the guitar....a man who brought you such hits as ´I Don´t Wanna Go Home,´ ´Sweeter Than Honey,´ ´This Time It´s for Real,´ ´Some Things Just Don´t Change, ´ add them together, Miami Steve Van Zandt on the guitar....on the bass guitar, his mother was a Tallent, his father was a Tallent, Mr.Garry W.Tallent....on the drums, representing everybody from South Orange, New Jersey....the Mighty Max Weinberg ....on the organ....Phantom Dan Federici....(?)....and last....but not least....he´s here tonight.... let me say....the king of the world....master of the universe....emperor of all things....faster than a speeding bullet....more powerful than a to leap tall women, I mean tall buildings in a single bound....he´s bigger than life and twice as your town ready to get down, is it a bird ? (crowd: ´No´) is it a plane? (crowd: ´No´) then what the hell is it?.... Clarence Big Man Clemons....´´

22.02.81 Columbia, SC, intro to ´´Jungleland´´
´´I wanna thank everybody for coming down to the show tonight, thank you very much.....we don´t get down here so much and.....thanks for treating us so nice.....this is for you....´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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