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16.07.83 Neptune, NJ, intro to ´Lucille´
(someone: ´(?) the Headliner, the Headliner is the home of the superstars, alright, we got Midnite Thunder here tonight and you got possibly one of the two or three biggest rock superstars in the world tonight here, let´s give a great Headliner welcome to Mr.Bruce Springsteen´)....
(....) ´´And this is for the boys from Union.....I woke up this morning, Lucille was not in sight..... ´´

16.07.83 Neptune, NJ, intro to ´Wooly Bully´
´´Uno, dos, this is for Jenny, uno, dos, tres, quatro.....´´

16.07.83 Neptune, NJ, middle of ´Twist and Shout´
´´All I wanna know is are you ready out there ? it a bird ? it a plane ? it the Big Man ? it a twister ?....´´

16.07.83 Neptune, NJ, intro ´Louie Louie´
´´Alright, it´s for the guys from Union, Jenny....(long pause)....alright, here we go, come on, boys, ready, hold it, guys....
(....) We gotta go....yeah, we gotta go now....we gotta go´s getting late now, baby´s getting awful late....the cops´re gonna come in any minute now....I gotta go home, catch my re-runs of ´Kojak´ now....I can´t mess around here all night.....I gotta go....I gotta go....I gotta go....I gotta go....I gotta go....I gotta....Louie, Louie....´´

16.07.83 Neptune, NJ, after ´Louie Louie´
(someone: ´Alright, listen, listen, you know, it´s quarter after 3, the man´s gotta go home, we gotta go home, otherwise the place gets busted, goodnight, everybody, thank you ....don´t forget to take care of your bartenders too, they worked overtime, thank you for coming, (?) the summer´s early yet, we´re gonna have Bruce back again and a lot of other people, keep coming, guys´)....´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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