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25.06.88 London, England, intro to ‘All that heaven will allow’
‘‘So how you doing out there ? (cheers)....yeah, that´s good....looks like we’ve got the weather with us, I was out yesterday and St.James Park, is that the name ? ....where they have the little band playing underneath the was nice.....took a little walk....back home when the weather gets like this, I like to take a walk and see if any of my old old friends are still hanging know, the sun’s out....the air’s nice and clear, you hear them birds singing in the trees....hey, hey, man, what you doing ? alright ! .... what do you say ?....what´ve you been up to ?....haven’t seen you, you don’t ever call me, you don´t call me enough....yeah....oh, jeez (chuckles) I see, Clarence, Clarence got a little Big Man running around out there now....yeah, he’s real handsome too....see, he’s got, he’s got little sunglasses and he’s got his own suit (chuckles) he’s got a little saxophone.... and a whole bunch of little girlfriends (chuckles) right, only three years old....he’s got his own apartment....his own car already....he’s good, he’s got his own beatbox (chuckles), you, I remember I was with you, I was with Clarence the night that he met his, his wife....and Clarence is funny ‘cause he always carries like, uh...he has this beauty kit that he carries with him all the time (chuckles) if he sees some girl that he likes (chuckles) we were in this party and she came walking in and....she was real pretty and....Clarence immediately, I can tell when something´s gonna happen ‘cause he immediately gets up and runs into the bathroom ....and he has this, like this patchuli oil that he puts on and (chuckles) and then he comes out and he walks real slow....and he kind of....she was standing at the bar, now he doesn’t go up and stand right next to gotta stand like one person away, you see ....then he just stands there, he doesn’t say nothing....then he quickly grabs the guy next to him with one hand, wwwhhhhh (chuckles) sweeps him out of his place, steps over one time ....and then he puts on his love-face....that means he’s being a whole lot nicer than he really is, you know....but it worked, it was good (chuckles) you know....but, uh, you know how you feel when that girl comes walking into the know, the first time...hey Ritchie, sing it, man !....back home in New Jersey.....get all this romantic shit going (chuckles)....I don´t know, we gotta stay out again like we used to, you know, we haven’t done that in a long time....we used to go out to the clubs....used to, you know, sit in with the bands, you wanna do that ?...yeah, wanna do it tonight ? yeah ? guys ready to stay out tonight ? (cheers)’s gonna be long (chuckles)’re gonna bring your horn, right ?....see you later, alright ?....”

25.06.88 London, England, intro to ´Spare Parts´
´´How you doing, alright ? (cheers)....good.....there was this guy and this girl, they...they met in this little shot-and-beer bar....down along the the town I grew up in....and uh.... he was, I guess he was in his early 20´s and he was a house painter....and he was kind of out looking for fun, you know, he....he was making pretty good money but he wasn´t saving any of it, just, just having a good time with it....and she was a little bit older....and they met in this club during the week, was a little local band playing.....mostly just locals around....and she, she liked him a lot....and she used to come over and talk about him all the time, he was sort of a....kind of had a sweet....sweet temperament, you know, he was kind of silly and telling stupid jokes all the time, anything to get her, to get her smiling....and, uh, they ended up renting this little garage apartment together down along the coast a little ways, a couple blocks in from the beach in the wintertime....and they settled down and....started keeping house...and he´d come home after work....things were going really well....he saved up his money for the first time, went down and bought her....he bought her an engagement ring, brought it back home and surprised her....she went out and picked out a dress, called up her mama and her papa....and things were going real good and then....oh, she got pregnant, they were gonna have a baby....they were both real happy....and then I guess he got scared ....and he took off on her....but she never really let him go, she kept him in her mind and she kept him in her heart and when she lay down in bed at night, she saw his face....and she left his things in the closet.....and when she had dreams....they were dreams with him in them....and the only problem was he wasn´t ever going back....and so the world took those dreams of hers and beat her over the head with it....broke her heart day in and day out....because there comes a time when you gotta take the past and you gotta put it away....well, this is a song about a woman....trying to understand the value of her own individual existence....trying to understand the importance of the life of her child....put away those old things....and find something new and beautiful and meaningful in her life now....”

25.06.88 London, England, intro to ´You Can Look´
”First words you hear when you´re a little baby....crawling across the livingroom floor... towards something that you like....your mama says ´Now, wait a minute, Son, don´t touch that touch that thing, you´re gonna break it´....and you get a little older and you go out into the department store and you´re with your mama....and you´re in the toy´re about to pick something up, the saleslady says ´Now, son, don´t touch that can look at it....but you can´t touch it´....and then you go out....on a date with your girl in high school and you park in some nice little quiet move in a little´s nice and dark and....and all of a sudden you hear her say ´Now, don´t touch that can look at it but you can´t touch it now´....and then she looks at you and says ´Now, put that thing away,´re gonna hurt somebody with that thing....what is that thing ?´....”

25.06.88 London, England, intro to ´I´m a Coward´
´´Is there anybody alive out there tonight ? (cheers)....I ain´t talking about standing, man ! ....I´m talking about is there anybody alive out there tonight ? (cheers)....once more, boys.... can you feel that living, breathing spirit in yourself out there tonight ? (cheers)....that´s good .....because I´m here tonight....because I have a mission....I have a question....for you....are there any rough, tough London boys in the audience tonight ? (cheers)....are there any mean, lowdown, dirty, macho London men out there tonight ? (cheers) ....oh yeah, oh yeah....well, I’ve seen men that would swim rivers, they´d climb mountains, they´d wrestle with the beasts of the jungle....but there was one thing that they was afraid of.....there was something that scared them to you know what that one thing was ? you know what that one thing was ?....I´m talking about L....U...V, I’m talking about love, love scared ´em to death ....when they got next to love, they ran back home like little babies to their, do we have any brave, courageous London women out there tonight ? (cheers)....because, girls, I’m talking to you too....I’ve known women that would jump from an airplane at 30,000 feet but when they got next to love, they grw frightened and they ran home.....back to their loneliness....back to their, I’m not down here just pointing a finger.... I´m down here because I´ve got a confession that I´ve got to make....and what I wanna tell you people tonight is....I have sinned !....that´s right and I ain´t ashamed....and I don´t need no damn Jimmy Swaggert to forgive me....or no Jerry Falwell, them boys can kiss my ass,, what I´m down here to say is that I´m a brave man....but what I´ve got to confess to is....that I’m a coward when it comes to love......”

25.06.88 London, England, intro to ´Part Man Part Monkey´
´´Now, did Man come from....Adam and Eve ?....or did he descend from, uh....well, now, back, back in the U.S.A, there´s (strange distortion) steam heat (chuckles)....see, there was this big trial and uh, well, here´s what happened....”

25.06.88 London, England, intro to ´Born to Run´
´´Here´s a song I played the first time I ever came to London....I was a young lad (chuckles), 25....I wrote this song just the summer before....I was living in this little house a block or so in off the beach....and uh....I guess I sang this song at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1975....and I´ve been singing it every night ever since....and uh, I guess as I´ve sang it through the years, its meaning has changed quite a bit for me....when I first wrote, I figured I was writing about this guy and this girl that wanted to get in the, keep on driving and never come´s kind of a nice romantic idea (chuckles)....but uh, as I got older, I realised I´d put all these people in all these cars and I was gonna have to figure some place for them to go.... I was gonna be able to figure some place where I as I sang this song through the years, I realised that that guy and that girl were out there looking for some connection, trying to find some sense of community, some sense of meaning beyond their own individual freedom....and uh, some place maybe that they could call ´home´....and I realised that home wasn´t out there over the next hill or around the corner but that it was buried deep down inside of me....and that if I had the guts.....I might able to get a little piece of it....anyway, this song....has taken me many places....I hope it´s kept you good company on your search for whatever you´re looking good as it´s kept me company on I´d like to do this for you tonight....wishing you all love, home and happiness.....”

25.06.88 London, England, end of ´Dancing in the Dark´
´´Sometimes I feel....I get to feeling so lonely....that´s when I need a partner....coming at you ....come on, baby....´´

25.06.88 London, England, middle of ´Light of Day´
´´On the piano, Professor Roy Bittan....on the drums, the Mighty Max Weinberg.....on the guitar, the great Nils Lofgren.....on the guitar and vocals, Miss Patti Scialfa.....on the bass guitar, Mr.Garry W.Tallent....on the organ, Phantom Dan Federici....and in the back we got Eddie ´Kingfish´ Manion, Richie La Bamba, Mark ´The Love Man´, Mike, Mario Cruz, the Horns of Love....and last but not least.....the wildest man....from London to Birmingham....on the saxophone, Clarence ´Big Man´ Clemons....´´

25.06.88 London, England, intro to ´Have Love Will Travel´
´´(?)....I think we gotta let them know what our mission is here tonight, yes I do....are you ready for a little have love, have love ? alright, stop that thing, gimme that shot, Max, bring it down....ladies and gentlemen, we came 3,000 miles, thousands of miles across the ocean, we come right here to London because (?) we have a mission....if anybody out there tonight needs a little affection, do you need a little love, do you need a little passionate attention ? (cheers) then you came to the right place and I wanna let you know that I´m here tonight, just pick up your phone, just call my number, just shout my name (crowd: ´Bruce´) I said shout my name (crowd: ´Bruce´) ´cause my motto is Have Love, Will Travel....´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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