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02.09.92 Tinley Park, IL, intro to ‘Lucky Town’:
”Are you lucky out there tonight ?.....”

02.09.92 Tinley Park, IL, intro to ‘Growin’Up’:
”How you doing ?.....long time, no see.....I haven’t been anywhere in a long time (chuckles)....yeah, how you been, ok ? (cheers).....(?)....alright......this is for the old fogies out there.....”

02.09.92 Tinley Park, IL, intro to ‘57 Channels’:
” see American cities in flames again.....the President doesn’t even mention....(?) the riots (?) reap what you sow....”

02.09.92 Tinley Park, IL, intro to ‘Living Proof’:
”Yeah, I’m a.....big daddy now, got my little boy and my little girl (cheers).....real sweet....that’s are good , they make you.....rise above yourself, you know....”

02.09.92 Tinley Park, IL, intro to ‘If I Should Fall Behind’:
”Thank you....nice and swetty out here (chuckles).....this is a song that took me a long time to write.....I guess this song for me is about that one that you just can’t fix......we spend so much of our time holding stuff back, you don’t wanna show your cards and....uh.....lot of times we hold back the best of ourselves, you know, from friends and lovers....this is a song, I guess it’s about sort it up, uh.....and uh.....kinda letting your love go, letting it go out into the world (?)......and uh....that’s what we’re doing here (chuckles)(cheers)....anyway.....(?).....I don’t know....take the boy out Jersey, can’t take Jersey out of the boy......(?)....”

02.09.92 Tinley Park, IL, intro to ‘Leap of Faith’:
”Thank you, thank you.....this is uh.....this is the part of the....yeah, this is the part of the show where like , uh.....I gotta stop because we have a sponsor tonight, you know....yeah, I gotta have a sponsor now.....(?) sell records anymore, you gotta pick up the cash, wait, wait, wait, you see I’m not gonna try and sell you any beer or I’m not gonna try and sell you any like, uh....athletic sneakers or anything like, our sponsor tonight, that’s right (chuckles) in the audience hasn’t one time or another had like..... their face ground into the dirt and a spike shoved to their heart and (?) through the mud and like their pride stripped away and they’re completely humiliated by love one time or another (cheers)...that’s all?....the rest must be lying (chuckles).....yeah, yeah but you keep coming back, you see, you keep going back and like that.....’cause where there’s love, there’s faith.....where there’s faith, there’s hope....and where there’s hope....there’s sex (cheers)(chuckles) song’s got all that stuff in the end : love, faith, hope, sex, adultery of course.....ummm.....what else ?....(?) it’s a diary of my own personal sexual habits in thinly disguised imagery if you listen real close and got fear here and you got love there and the only thing that gets you between is a leap.....of faith....”

02.09.92 Tinley Park, IL, intro to ‘Born to Run’:
”Alright.....can’t send you home without this one, let’s do it.....”

02.09.92 Tinley Park, IL, middle of ´Light of Day´
´´I´m driving 100 miles, 200 miles, 300 miles, still ain´t where I´m going, I´m going 400 miles, 500 miles, 600 miles, ain´t got where I´m going, I´m going 700 miles, 800 miles, 900 miles, 1,000 miles, 2,000 miles, 3,000 miles but I still ain´t got to where I´m going tonight.... that´s because I´m here, I came all the way from the great state of New Jersey via California, via Stockholm, Sweden, via Paris, France, via Milan, Italy, via London, England....via Washington D.C, via Cleveland, via (?) to be here in Chicago tonight....I´m here tonight because I got a message to bring for the great people of the Windy City tonight....ain´t got but one thing to say, if you wanna hear it, let me hear you say (cheers)....´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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