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Daily News (May 3).

01.05.93 Lisbon, Portugal, intro to ´´Adam Raised A Cain´´
´´(speaks Portuguese) this is a song about fathers and sons....´´

01.05.93 Lisbon, Portugal, intro to ´´This Hard Land´´
´´(speaks Portuguese) this is all I know, now it´s English for the rest of the evening (chuckles)´s a song I wrote, uh, in the mid-80s, this is a song called ´This Hard Land´....´´

01.05.93 Lisbon, Portugal, intro to ´´Roll Of The Dice´´
´´Is there anybody out there ready to roll with me now? (crowd cheers) are you ready to roll with me because I´m feeling lucky tonight? (crowd cheers) that´s right....´´

01.05.93 Lisbon, Portugal, middle of ´´Light Of Day´´
´´....I drove thousands of miles just to get here tonight....I drove thousands of miles to get here to Lisbon tonight.....and I´m here tonight with a purpose....I´m here tonight with a reason....and what I wanna know is....I know you´re downhearted....I know you´re disillusioned....I know you´re disenchanted....I know you´re disappointed.... I know there´s 57 fucking channels and nothing what I came here to know is....I....I....I....I....I.... what I wanna know is there anybody alive out there? (crowd cheers)...´´

01.05.93 Lisbon, Portugal, intro to ´´Thunder Road´´
´´Thank you, I´d like to take a second and thank everybody for coming down to the show ....thank you.....this is my first time here in Portugal and I wanna thank you for making it such a great night....(speaks Portuguese)....this is for my old fans out there....´´

01.05.93 Lisbon, Portugal, intro to ´´Born To Run´´
´´Alright....well, I can´t come all this way without playing this one, I guess, here we go....´´

01.05.93 Lisbon, Portugal, intro to ´´Rockin´ All Over The World´´
´´Alright, one more....´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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