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Photo above right - Springsteen and Dylan duet on Bob's "Forever Young" during the show.

Above left - "Bruce confers with Jerry Lee Lewis at the pre-show soundcheck.


Rehearsal / Pro-shot performance of Hey! Bo Diddley & She's The One

02.09.95 Cleveland, OH, intro to ´Great Balls of Fire´
´´Thank you, it´s pleasure to bring out now one of my, one of my all-time heroes, the one, the only, the man who doesn´t play rock and roll, he is rock and roll, Jerry Lee Lewis ....(Jerry Lee Lewis: ´Thank you, thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, very glad to be here at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opening here in Cleveland, Ohio, my name is Jerry Lee Lewis, thank you, Bruce.....´)´´

02.09.95 Cleveland, OH, middle of ´Whole Lotta Shakin´Goin´On´
´´(Jerry Lee Lewis: ´You can shake it one time for me....(?) come on over, baby, whole lotta shakin´goin´on....easy, baby, shake it....yeah.....honey, shake it one time for Bruce and the boys, they like it what you say let´s get together and get it one time, one time.....´) ....(Jerry Lee Lewis leaves the band to finish the song on their own)....(the song ends)....We didn´t rehearse that part, I don´t know (chuckles)....´´

02.09.95 Cleveland, OH, towards the end of ´Darkness on the Edge of Town´
´´(a fan gets on stage and screams into Bruce´s microphone)....That´s rock and roll !....´´

02.09.95 Cleveland, OH, intro to ´Forever Young´
´´(Bob Dylan: ´Now a buddy of mine is gonna come up and play one of my old songs....Mr. Bruce Springsteen.....let me hear you say ´Bruuuce´....´)´´

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