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17.04.99 Bologna, Italy, middle of ´Tenth Avenue Freeze Out´
´´, let´s take a walk down 10th Avenue and see what´s going on....oh, yeah, I think I see Il Professore...come on, Roy, play a little bit for us....let´s hear the Professor, watch it now (Roy plays) yeah, Professor Roy Bittan on the piano....I see an old friend of mine....back on the avenue, play it, Steve....come on, play it, Steve (Steve plays) Steven Van Zandt on the, let´s get, let´s get low....come on Garry (Garry plays) Mr.Garry Tallent on the bass....but now I think we need the drummer.... you´ve got to have a drummer....´cause we´ve got to have time ticking, time moving, time moving, come on, Max (Max plays)(chuckles) Mighty Max on the drums....(?)...oh, Danny, how you doing, Dan ? let´s hear (?) on the organ (Dan plays)(chuckles) the baddest guitar man in the land....come on, Nils (Nils plays a really long solo)....Nils Lofgren on the guitar (chuckles)....alright....what I wanna know is....what I wanna know is, uh....(speaks Italian)...come on, baby (Patti sings)....did I forget anybody ?....(speaks Italian)...who ?....who ?....who ?....who ?....who ?....”

17.04.99 Bologna, Italy, middle of ´Light of Day´
‘‘I know....that you´re feeling downhearted and you´re feeling disspirited but what I want to tell you is I´m here tonight....I know that you´re feeling analyzed, stigmatised, downsized, retropsychedelicized....and I wanna let you know that I´m here tonight to lift you up and all I wanna see you do right now is raise your hands on high....´cause we´re here tonight to reanimate you, to revalidate you, (?), to reconfiscate you, to repenetrate you, to rededicate you, to reliberate you to the power, the promise, the majesty, the mystery....the ministry....of rock and roll !….and all you´ve got to do, all I´m asking of you, all I want you to do right now, all you´ve got to do is say ‘I’…”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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