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12.11.02 Cincinnati, OH, intro to "American Skin":
‘‘Thanks, before we, uh....before we start the show tonight, I’d just like to say, you know...I don´t know if you´ve read about it in the newspapers at all out here but we’ve, uh.... been contacted by several organizations here in the city who are...trying to combat...they’re trying to combat the segregation and the economic apartheid and the racism that exists not just here in Cincinnati but everywhere in our a young a young man, I saw it up close in my own hometown....and while there’ve been many improvements since then, the core fact of racism continues this day at all levels of our society....well, I wrote a song a couple years ago about what happens when we stop communicating with one another....and how that non-communication becomes systematic...when injustice becomes ingrained in institution ....the consequences, the violence, the human cost....and life cut short, that comes with I wanna open our show here tonight with a song, uh....not just for Cincinnati but for the country we’d like to see our children grow up in....and we’re gonna send it out tonight to the people .... and the organizations here in the city....that are working for a just Cincinnati and a just America, thank you....”

12.11.02 Cincinnati, OH, intro to ´I´m a Rocker´
´´Sign says ´I came 2000 miles....´ From where ?....Los Angeles, alright....´To beg for ´I´m a Rocker´....I don´t know, we ain´t practised that one, I don´t know....I´ve already played it twice, I don´t know....let the begging commence, I´m not sure....I don´t think we´s a nice sign, though....ok, I´ll give it a try....remember there´s an organ solo...I....starts in ´A´, right ? Max starts it right ?....are we ready ?....”

12.11.02 Cincinnati, OH, intro to ´Born in the U.S.A´
´´Thank you....wrote this song 20 years ago, it´s about the Vietnam War, gonna play it tonight as a prayer for peace....”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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