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04.12.07 Oslo, Norway, intro to ´´Radio Nowhere´´
´´Hallo, Oslo! (crowd cheers) is there anybody alive out there? (crowd cheers)....´´

04.12.07 Oslo, Norway, intro to ´´Magic´´
´´Hallo, Oslo (crowd cheers)....(speaks Norwegian, ´How are you?´ etc.)´s good to see you again....this is a song, back home we´ve seen, we´ve lived through a time where we´ve seen the truth get so twisted till it sounds like a lie and a lie twisted up till it sounds like the truth and we´ve watched....the wheel of history spin ´round and ´round....and take the whole country with it, so this is, this is called ´Magic´ but it´s really about tricks....´´

04.12.07 Oslo, Norway, intro to ´´Livin´ In The Future´´
´´Good evening, Oslo (crowd cheers) how are we over here? (crowd cheers)(?) are we up in the back there? (crowd cheers) everybody on this side? (?)(crowd cheers) alright, this is a song called ´Livin´ In The Future´....but it´s about what´s happening now back where we come, with all the things that we´ve grown up with and that we love about America and where we live, we´ve had to add to the American picture over the past six years things like rendition and illegal wiretapping and the rolling-back of civil liberties and no Habeas Corpus, no right to defend yourself against charges in court....these are all, this is a song about sleeping through changes that you never thought you´d see happen in your home that have happened and so....we do something about it....we sing about it....we´re musicians (chuckles) and then we see what happens....´´

04.12.07 Oslo, Norway, intro to ´´Cadillac Ranch´´
´´(howls) This is a request....´´

04.12.07 Oslo, Norway, intro to ´´Girls In Their Summer Clothes´´
´´Thank you....woo!....thank you....I wanna thank everybody for coming to the show tonight, thank you so much....and I wanna thank you especially for the wonderful support you´ve given my music here in Norway, I appreciate that very´ve made this a very special place for us so, uh....denne songen är till alle Norske jenternä....jenternä (crowd cheers) jenternä (crowd cheers) let´s hear it, girls (chuckles) and for one girl in New Jersey also (chuckles) she sends her best....´´

04.12.07 Oslo, Norway, intro to ´´Santa Claus Is Coming To Town´´
´´Come on, Roy....this is Happy Holidays from the E Street Band....come on, Santa!....
(....) Merry Christmas from the E Street Band!....´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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