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Local Start Time 20:28 / End Time 23:29
Centermic photo by Lef.


20120502_Newark_JoeSchreiber.jpg 20120502_Newark_01.jpg
Left: Image courtesy of Joe Schreiber, taken from Blogness on the Edge of Town.
Right: "The Weight" is being played by request for the recently passed away Levon Helm.

"Bishop Danced", from the Hobbes4444 recording.

TheMagikRat 7 Song Video Playlist:
No Surrender
Bishop Danced
Shackled & Drawn
Lonesome Day
We are Alive
The Weight

The weight / Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) / Tenth Avenue freeze-out

Three Tour Premieres "Bishop Danced", "It's Hard to be a Saint in the City" & "The Weight".

Talk to Me / Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

20120502_Newark_07.jpg 20120502_Newark_02.jpg 20120502_Newark_03.jpg
20120502_Newark_04.jpg 20120502_Newark_05.jpg 20120502_Newark_06.jpg
Photos above thanks to "Bobby Jean".

All performances at this venue:

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