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Local Start Time 20:35 / End Time 22:55
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Official 3FM Serious Radio Broadcast of "Spirit In The Night".

Ticket for last day of the Pinkpop Festival

Pinkpop2012.png 20120528-PinkpopPoster.jpg
Left: Screenprint of performance announcement on the Pinkpop Website / Right: Pinkpop 2012 Poster

Announcement in the frontpage of "Spits" of Monday November 28, 2011.

Article_20120418_Spits_small.jpg 20120528-MetroNieuws20120426.jpg
Left: Special in Dutch Newspaper Spits of April 17, 2012 / Right: Special in Dutch Newspaper Metro of April 26, 2012.

Article in the newspaper "Dagblad Het Belang van Limburg" of May 29th, 2012.

Centermic photos by Lef.

"Hungry Heart" with Mumford & Sons. / "96 Tears" with Garland Jeffreys.

Offical 3voor12 webcast of "Death to my Hometown", "Spirit in the Night", "I'm on Fire" and "Shackled and Drawn".

Death To My Hometown / Spirit In The Night

I'm On Fire / Shackled & Drawn

Pinkpop Compilation (Badlands - My City Of Ruins - Born In The USA - Born To Run - Hungry Heart - We Are Alive - 10th Street Freeze Out).

Full Concert

20120528-PinkpopMumfors&Sons_01.jpg 20120528-PinkpopMumfors&Sons_02.jpg
Bruce watching the performance of Mumford & Sons from the side of the stage.

20120528-PinkpopMumfors&Sons_03.jpg 20120528-PinkpopGarlandJeffreys_01.jpg
Bruce with Mumford & Sons and Garland Jeffreys.

20120528-Pinkpop_1.jpg 20120528-Pinkpop_2.jpg

All performances at this venue:

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