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Local Start Time: 20:10 / End Time: 22:59
Left: Screenprint of performance announcement on the Isle of White Website
Right: Video announcement.

20120624-IsleOfWightArrival_01.jpg 20120624-IsleOfWightArrival_02.jpg
Left: Bruce and Stevie on the ferry to the Isle of Wight by Maureen van Zandt.
Right: Arrival at the Isle of Wight Festival.


20120624-IsleOfWightCentermicBefore.jpg 20120624-IsleOfWightCentermicAfter.jpg
Centermic photos by Lef.

Click image for more photos of the Isle Of Wight Festival on Zimbio.

Pro-shot videos of "Wrecking Ball", "Death To My Hometown", "Shackled And Drawn" and "Twist And Shout".

All performances at this venue:

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