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Local Start Time: 19:28 / End Time: 22:51
Thanks to Skipjack for the ticket

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20120717-DublinCentermicBefore.jpg 20120717-DublinCentermicAfter.jpg
Centermic photos by Lef.

170712-dublin-photo-o9j.jpg 20120717-DublinFakePoliceman.jpg
Bruce and Steve with the generator at the start of the show and the Fake Policeman at the end.

TheMagikRat 7 Song Video Playlist:
I Fought the Law
Out in the Street
Death to My Hometown
Spirit in the Night
I'm a Rocker
My Hometown
Born in the USA
(additional songs from July 18)

Bruce and Steve show the Generator to the public.

Twist And Shout / American Land

We Are Alive / I Fought The Law

All performances at this venue:

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