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Local Start Time: 20:07 / End Time: 23:50
20120902-03-ComcastTixAd.jpg 20120902-PhillyWelcome.jpg
Left: Comcast Announcement / Right: Philadelphia Tourism’s love letter welcoming The Boss to the ballpark.

Thanks to Eugene for the ticket scan.

20120902-Philly-Centermic-Before.jpg 20120902-Philly-Centermic-After.jpg
Centermic photos by Lef.

external image Bruce+Springsteen+E+Street+Band+Concert+Philadelphia+VN7j5nW-zCHl.jpg
Click image for more photos of this Philly show on Zimbio.

TheMagikRat 4 Song Video Playlist:
Summertime Blues
Lost in the Flood
Good Rockin Tonight
You Can't Sit Down
(additional songs from Sept 3 show)

Good Rocking Tonight / Sherry Darling

Born To Run

All performances at this venue:

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