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Local Start Time: 20:12 / End Time: 23:07
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Centermic photos by Lef.

TheMagikRat 12 Song Video Playlist:
High Hopes
I Wanna Marry You
Linda Let Me Be the One
Hearts of Stone
Talk to Me
Save my Love
My Love will not Let You Down
The Ghost of Tom Joad
Highway to Hell
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
The Wall

World Premiere, first time ever performance of "Linda Will You Let Me Be The One".

I Wanna Marry You / Badlands

The River / Darlington County

Hearts Of Stone / Thunder Road

Save My Love For You / Tenth Avenue Freeze-out & Shout

Prove It All Nigh ('78) / Dancing In The Dark

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Click image for more photos from the road by Jo Lopez of Sunrise on

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