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Welcome to Brucebase. From this index page you can access the most complete guides to the music of Bruce Springsteen available on the web today. This site is a co-operative project staffed by a number of permanent contributors, however it's not our site - it's yours. We welcome any comment, addition, criticism or suggestion to make it better or more complete. All queries or contributions however small will be acknowledged. We especially welcome readers recollections of shows and scans of any memorabilia that might remain in your collection. Full credit and where appropriate web links will always be given to any contributions made.

Brucebase contains setlists for ALL the known concerts that Bruce Springsteen and his bands have played with details (if available) of the tracks and the times in some cases, with notes on features of interest as well as the known "sources" of the music (CDs, DVDs, LPs etc). We also display videos, audio clips, newspaper articles, ticket scans, passes, posters, adverts and handwritten setlists for well over 1500 shows. Jump to the most recent show or view the tour statistics.

A short note to all readers here - this is a dataset for archival and research purposes only - it is not a trading list, nor does it provide any links or contacts to places where material is available. It is intended to be as definitive as possible, so if you disagree or have additional info feel free to post to the administrator at Brucebase. This site is in no way affiliated or sanctioned by Bruce Springsteen or anyone in his/that organisation.

Left to right - Spectrum, Philadelphia PA, December 1980 - The Back Door, Richmond VA, February 1972 - Le Garage, Spray Beach NJ, June 1974

If you have ticket stubs, passes, posters, photos or any memorabilia that can be added to the site please email. Also take a look at what info we are currently looking for. Thanks!
If you would like to contribute to Brucebase by editing pages or adding other content, please get in touch via the email address above.

Updates: Brucebase now consists of 7902 pages. Thanks to the discovery of new recordings, we've added setlists and information about several shows from the 1974-76 recently. For example, Tower Theater in Philadelphia on November 1, 1974, Kean College on September 22, 1974 and Ottawa, December 20, 1975 to name three.

Brucebase highly recommends Clinton Heylin's new book E Street Shuffle - The Early Years Of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. If you enjoy trawling around this site, you'll find the book fascinating. It's packed full of previously unpublished information and gives a glimpse into what's still locked away in Springsteen's vault.

We are now creating a list of all venues that Bruce and his bands have performed at (page currently takes a while to load completely, be patient). On the specific venue-pages you can see on which dates Bruce played at that venue. Be aware it's a work in progress so the list is not yet up-to-date.
1949-1995 and 2010-2014 are up to date. Working on 1996.

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