Clarence Clemons & The Red Bank Rockers was a band formed by Clarence Clemons in 1981, and signed to Columbia Records. Initial members of the band included David Landau (Jon Landau's brother) (guitar), Harvey Brooks (bass), J.T. Bowen (vocals), Jeff Levine (keyboards), Ron Lankone (trumpet), Billy Ryan (guitar), Collin Tilton (saxophone), Jack Scarangella (drums), Tom Meares (trombone), and Vinnie Tieto (saxophone). They released an LP Rescue in 1983 which included two Springsteen-penned titles, "Savin' Up" and "Summer On Signal Hill".

See also: Clarence Clemons

Rescue (1983) (Clarence Clemons & The Red Bank Rockers)
"Savin' Up" (saxophone, backing vocals, percussion)

A Woman's Got The Power (Single) (1983) (Clarence Clemons & The Red Bank Rockers)
"Summer On Signal Hill" (saxophone, percussion)

All appearances with Springsteen:

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