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Commercially Released: November 16, 2010
Produced by Bruce Springsteen and Jon Landau
Recorded at The Record Plant (New York City) and at Thrill Hill Recording (Stone Hill Studio)
Recording Engineers: Jimmy Iovine (Record Plant) and Toby Scott (Stone Hill)

Many songs featured on The Promise required re-recording or overdubs. These sessions took place in 2010 at Stone Hill Studio, Springsteen's home studio at his farmhouse in Colts Neck, NJ. For reference we have produced a table that lists all known modern elements in the songs from The Promise. However, it is extremely likely that other songs have modern elements that cannot be identified by listening alone. Please see the Darkness On The Edge Of Town sessions page for more details.

Modern element(s).......................
recording date.......................
Racing In The Street ('78)

Gotta Get That Feeling
lead vocal / horns

Someday (We'll Be Together)
lead vocal / choir

One Way Street
lead vocal / horns

Because The Night
lead vocal

Wrong Side Of The Street
lead vocal

The Brokenhearted
some lead vocal / horns


Save My Love
July 22, 2010
lead vocal

Spanish Eyes
lead vocal

It's A Shame

Come On (Let's Go Tonight)

Talk To Me

The Little Things (My Baby Does)
lead vocal

lead vocal / horns / backing vocals

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